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Welcome to the Touhou Wiki Commons! This is a shared file repository for all other wikis in the Touhou Wiki network. Files uploaded here may be used on any other wiki hosted on

To upload a file, go to Special:Upload. If you want to find already uploaded file, see Special:ListFiles.

Resolving Cache Issues[edit]

If you experience any problems with displaying newly-uploaded images on any wiki, try appending ?action=purge to the end of the File: page URL and the URL of the affected article. For example, if you just uploaded a file named ProblemFile.png and are having trouble seeing it on the Example article on the en wiki, try going to the following URLs in this order: (the first one is usually not necessary)

This will force MediaWiki to rebuild its image cache, which is usually enough to remind it that the aforementioned file actually exists.

(Yes, this is annoying, and the administrators are investigating a fix for the issue.)